Welcome to Momtality

We hear it all the time: there is no such thing as a normal family.  Even though I had heard it, in my early 20’s I was certain that I would be like my parents.  Married from a very young age, the center of my kids world, a constant fixture at softball games, fun family vacations, easy holidays…etc.  But that was not to be the case.  Now in my 40s I have come to epitomize a very common version of the modern family.

Recently remarried I am the proud mom of three girls and step mom to a teenage girl and boy.  And what might not be as normal is that they all get along amazingly and my husband I are pretty much obsessed with all of our kids.  They have differing ages and personalities but we all love being together because when we are it is instantly a fun group and no one is left out.  We all call our family #partyofseven.

I am looking forward to sharing with you some of the struggles and triumphs of being a mom, a ex wife, a second wife and a stepmom.  It isn’t easy and there is no rule book. It can also be challenging, yet I believe it can be fun at times.  Join me through this journey called motherhood and feel free to share with me any questions or issues you want discussed.

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