Raging Teen Responds

In one of her previous posts, Raging Teen, my mom advised all of you readers, parents, and maybe even soon-to-be parents on how to deal with, well, a raging teen. I think there are a few things that only a teenager can describe because I think that, sometimes, parents forget what it’s like to be a teenager. Here are a few things to know:

This is how my “Raging Teen” sees herself.

1. To us, our personalities haven’t actually changed AT ALL.

This impression that parents have that everything we do or say is, “because we have an attitude” or “because we’re a teenager now”, isn’t true. For example, if I roll my eyes, it’s because I am biting my tongue, not because I am becoming a “teenager”. I’ll admit, I have a bad reputation of having the nastiest attitude at times, but if anything, I think that me biting my tongue and rolling my eyes instead of blatantly talking back to others in a rude manner is a show of improvement. This attitude is not something new. This is you now carefully watching out for it and my attempts at controlling that vicious tongue of mine that lies within. If anything, it is a sign of maturity.

2. Attention: It’s something that none of us “want”, but we all really seek.

One thing my mom does really well is provide me the love and attention I want and more importantly, need. I don’t really have a problem or complaint with this area but I have friends that aren’t as fortunate as me in that department. I constantly get bombardments of, “your mom is so cool” and “I wish I had that relationship with my mom”. The truth is, my mom is one of my best friends. That’s not a luxury many kids get to enjoy. The thing is, when I tell people all the things I talk to my mom about, they are taken aback. I’ve come to notice that the ones who are most distanced from their moms are the ones with the worst maternal relationships. My mom has always been on top of me and I have always been the one with the greatest restrictions, but my mom and I have always been the closest mother and daughter in my group. I think this is one of the most shocking consistencies of them all.

3. We are really sensitive right now.

This whole puberty thing, it’s been hard. I’m not gonna lie, although nothing in my personality really changed drastically, I’ve found that I’m a lot more emotional and sensitive (ew). Little things make me cry, I feel more fatigued more often, and I have recently found things considerably more irritable. With that said, please, be more sensitive to OUR newfound sensitivity. Lately, it’s immensely more frustrating to deal with being scolded and reprimanded about little things over and over and over again. It’s exhausting! Not just for us I’m sure, but for my parents too. Therefore, please don’t get mad at us if we are forgetful, as we have many things on our mind. Please be patient with our quick tempers. Please UNDERSTAND us, because we really need it now more than ever.

I’m Elise the “Raging Teen”, signing out.

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