Last Minute Gift Ideas

It can be hard to find gifts that are unique and loved but I am here to help.  You still have time to find that perfect gift and get it in time for Christmas.  Amazon Prime and many sites can still get it to your door in this week with free shipping, though I must warn you, today is the last day to order and get items in time for Christmas with standard shipping. Check out last minute gift suggestions below:



I love the idea of keeping a diary. Something that you can look back on and see where you were physically, mentally and emotionally at a particular point in time; but let’s be honest, who has time to write in a diary. It really is a lost art. However, there are some really cute diaries out there now that capture those memories without taking so much time. For kids there are diaries where they can doodle information based on questions or prompts, there are diaries that ask you a question a day, and even diaries for kids transitioning to adulthood. They are cute and fun and make great gifts. There are ton of options.

Comfy Blankets:

0c151e2061aeb8fb364a465dc6cc8884.jpgWho can’t use a delicious comfy blanket? Nowadays you can find all kinds of blankets. Mermaid blankets, large cable knit blankets, personalized blankets and even blankets made to look like a shark is eating you when you are in it. You can really look for the perfect blanket for anyone.



Yes, onsies! It is great how many fun and different onsies you can find. It isn’t just for 414wKWRFv-L._AC_SR160,200_.jpgkids anymore. They have animal onsies, Star War onsies, Marvel onsies, etc. It is just a fun gift. And don’t think that man in your life is too macho for one. I even found a super cool Pittsburg Steelers one for my Hubby and I know he would love to have that on to cheer his team.  Can you get any more comfortable than a beer, a onsie and your game on a Sunday?




A matching set of pajamas is a definite win. For the girls in your life.  If you want to luxury, do stain or silk. They are cute and comfortable. My girls favor shorts vs. pants. My stepson and husband love a comfortable pair of pants for lounging, but there are so many varieties with cute sayings or characters that it is easy to find the perfect pair.


Tech Accessories:

We can’t live without our phones and our earphones so find gifts to accessories those items. Her are some awesome ones:

  1. A phone case that double as a wallet. I can’t live without my

    Spigen Slim Armor phone case and it is available for all phones. It protects my phone and holds my ID and one credit card. It is all I need for a night out or when I have to run out for a quick errand.

  2. Or for the girl that loves selfies, get her the LuMee phone case to take the PERFECT selfie. Maybe she will only take 10 pictures to cap51QJHsULBjL._AC_UL320_SR320,320_ture the perfect selfie vs. 50.
  3. A keychain that doubles as a earphone holder is a must have for teenagers. Check out the

    Leather Key Chain & Headphone Wrap/ Cord Organizer on Amazon. It is made of beautiful leather and easily wraps your earphones. I know many people that will not travel anywhere without there earphones and this is a cool and easy way to have them without fear of losing them or getting them tangled.

  4. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker – There was a time when these where very expensive but there are some very affordable options.




Not sure how hoodies have made such a strong comeback but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good hoodie. My kids wear them in 90 degree weather and while I don’t, I confess I like a big one to snuggle on the couch with at night. My nieces informed me that the “cool” ones are from Supreme but you can’t miss with someone’s favorite sports team or a great saying. Good thing is you don’t really have to worry about size. Get it a bit larger for the best fit.




Okay this one is more for the girls. I think you can’t go wrong with a great denim or bomber jacket. They are lightweight and stylish and go with everything. You can find some great deals and they are a great addition to any wardrobe. My girls are always stealing my denim jacket but it works out because I steal their bomber jacket. And don’t worry if you don’t know if they have one, it doesn’t hurt to have a couple. I am sure you won’t get them the exact one they might already have. There are a ton of different and cute styles out there.




Check out gift certificate for a memorable experience. Look up cooking classes, salsa classes, concerts, iFly indoor skydiving, Scuba Diving certification, theater, sporting event, etc. Better yet get tickets for a specific group such as a father and daughter or a set of siblings,  of something they enjoy together. You get multiple gifts out of the way and they get to spend quality time together while making memories.




I believe a lot about gift giving is gifting someone something they want, but would never give themselves. Maybe because they won’t spend the money on themselves or they think it is too impractical and you are giving them that little luxury. It isn’t about giving something someone needs but rather something they want. So think about things like laser hair treatment, Invisalign, facials, eyelash extensions, microblading, fillers or Botox. Some of you may be against this stuff but it is about the person receiving it and maybe they have always wanted it but have never wanted to spend on themselves. Consider these gifts as their splurge. Be careful not to give it to them if they have not said they want it. It could be insulting. This can be a delicate one.



Personal Training:

personal training.jpegOkay this is a difficult one for some people but I have to tell you it was one of the best gifts I ever received. It was something I probably would have never spent money on for myself but I LOVED it. It forced me to do something for myself. I had to carve out time to take care of me and I had someone that was would make me accountable. It wasn’t enough to say I had a meeting or I had to do something for the kids. I literally had an appointment and that worked well for me. Consider this as a gift that keeps on giving. Again, tread lightly with this one but could be a great gift if you know they would want it. Also, this does not have to be about losing weight. It could be about health or reaching a personal fitness goal.

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