Rewarding Positive Behavior May Give You Negative Results

So the world has evolved to one of golden stars and treasure chests. The idea is pretty simple… The child does well and performs the tasks that they are asked to perform, and they are then rewarded. The sad truth is, life isn’t like that! No one gives us prizes or gold stars for paying … More Rewarding Positive Behavior May Give You Negative Results

The Memory Keepers

Your siblings are your constant.  They are that friend you may not want, but you know you need.  But more importantly they are your memory keepers.  My children (and obviously my stepchildren) are survivors of divorce.  They travel back and forth from house to house, and have had to deal with their parents dating and … More The Memory Keepers

Raging Teen

Hormones kick in and all of a sudden you have a whole new child.  It seemingly happens overnight.  One day you look at your daughter and you think, wait, who are you?  You look at them and wonder if your baby is still hidden somewhere in there beneath the mood swings, sarcasm and rolling eyes. … More Raging Teen